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How to Create an Irresistible Offer, with 95% Success

Updated: Jul 2

 When I first started, I tried everything to get my offers accepted. I went the extra mile for every client and got little to no results.

It was frustrating. Then I realized I was confusing people...

...and a confused client does the absolute worst thing: Nothing.

In this article, you’ll discover how to always be on point and lead your dream clients to your doorstep.



How to make it more effective


You do all that work, and there’s nothing to show off.

You hustle, you grind, and at the end of the day, it feels like you’re just spinning your wheels.

 You’re not getting 100% of your clients.

You’re getting crumbs, leaving money on the table It's disappointing

So I started looking for answers…

Some told me to compete on price,

give discounts, and make special offers like "buy one, get three."

But in the end, my profit margin was gone.

I did all the heavy lifting and still got scraps.

 It’s like baking a cake, only to find out you’re getting a slice the size of a cookie crumb while your competition devours the rest.


Some experts advised me to make my brand prestigious

But that takes time and money I just don't have.

Companies like Nike and Apple pour billions into their branding. I simply can’t compete with that.

It’s like trying to build the next SpaceX with the budget of a lemonade stand.

Spoiler alert: it ain't gonna happen.


I consulted a BIG marketing agency

 They promised the moon but delivered nothing.

 Hours and dollars spent with no results to show for it.

 It's not just frustrating; it's demoralizing. It’s like joining a gym, sweating buckets, and at the end of the month, the only thing you’ve lost is your membership fee.


The Real Way To Succeed 


Make a low-threshold offer

instead of asking for a call, create a simple form.

Instead of asking them to like, share, follow, sign up for six newsletters and donate blood just ask for basic info.

Make it easssssy... and walk them through process

Here’s why: people fear uncertainty. You're taking away that fear when you tell them exactly how the process will go.

They’re more likely to take action when they know what to expect.

Tell them what you do, how it benefits them, and what the next step is.

Make it hard to say no.

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IB Results.

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