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How to WIN in any industry with 3 simple steps

 Starting a business and competing with the big players can be pretty daunting. It’s understandable if you have no clue where to start—I've been there. Through trial, and error, and meticulous research, I found three simple steps for success in any industry.

Step 1: Find a Need in the Market


It doesn’t matter what business, industry, or niche you’re in, one thing is certain— there is a need for what you do.


You had NOTHING to do with creating that need, that need already exists; your job is simply to identify it.


Using Perry Marshal's “Bleeding Neck” principle to narrow it down, means finding an urgent, pressing need that your audience is desperate to solve.


If your audience is not in a hurry or feeling the painful consequences of their problem, they are less likely to act quickly or at all.


The more urgent the need, the more compelling your solution becomes, making your offer hard to ignore.


But finding this need is only half the battle. The next question you have to ask yourself is, "Can I reach them?" If the answer isn't a clear YES, you'll need to get creative with how you can get to them.

Thanks to our modern age and social media, most audiences are easily accessible if you follow the right strategies.


Step 2: Solve Their Problem with the Best You Can Offer.


When I say “best,” I don’t mean “cheapest”.


Don’t slash your prices as if you’re a crazed swordsman in a discount war.


Think about the kind of quality you experience when you walk into an Apple store

the comfort of staying at your favorite hotel,

or even the little smiley face your barista sketches on your cup with a message saying

Enjoy Your Day!”.


This level of quality is what makes people want to come back, tell their friends about it, or bring those friends the next time they visit you.


To be irreplaceable, all you need to do is to be consistent, dependable, and improve by 1% every day. And soon you’ll see just how difficult you’ll become to replace.


Creating the need isn’t within your control, but fulfilling that need to the best of your ability is 100% up to you.


Step 3: Become Difficult To Replace



Delivering your best sets a high standard. Once you’ve shown your cards, your clients will expect you to maintain that level of quality. Trust me, they’ll notice if you don’t.


But don’t worry……that’s good news.


It means they want more of what you’re offering. Just rinse and repeat what you did all those other times.


To summarize the three steps;

  1. Find an audience with a pressing problem that you can reach.

  2. Deliver high-quality results right from the start.

  3. Be consistent with your results, and find ways to improve your skills.


Follow these steps and you will succeed in any industry.


If all of this sounds like a LOT of work and you need some assistance. Contact us and we will go over your stuff for Free, with no obligation, no jargon, and no high-pressure selling tactics just a chat about how you can get better results

P.S. For every 1 Euro you put into marketing you should get 2 Euro back, don't let "Experts" tell you different

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